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The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Hobby Case

The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Hobby Case

$165.00 AUD
Select the three Paint Modules for side A
Select the three Paint Modules for side B

The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Hobby Case is better than traditional paint cases because it is modular. Not only can you easily swap modules out, you can quickly unload the modules from the case to form well organised paint and brush storage at your painting desk. The painting modules are presented in DRPA themed colours to help organise your paints. The brush holder slides off the spine of the case to provide safe brush storage at your fingertips while protecting the sensitive tips.

Unlike cases with fixed layouts, the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Case can grow as your needs grow and vary over time. You can buy more paint modules for your desk and only load what you need for the specific project you are working on.

The Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Case carries up to 72 paints and 12 brushes. You can choose from paint modules to fit Two Thin Coats dropper bottles, Citadel paint pots or 25mm dropper bottles for Vallejo and Army Painter. The brush holder uses a memory foam insert designed to retain a wide variety of brush types. 

The DRPA Hobby Case uses the Mechi Module Standard so you can add components to carry your minis, dice, cards etc.. Your modules are re-usable as games and projects change over time. If you would like the DRPA Hobby Case plus an assortment of Duncan's favourite modules for holding minis, see The Ultimate Edition: DRPA Hobby Case.  

The artist inspired graduated ribbing on the corners of the case provides both a grand aesthetic, as well as significant reinforcement for extra protection of your precious collection. The sides are made from the finest quality Australian made aluminium extrusion anodised to 25 micron thickness for enhanced scratch resistance. The frame is made from sturdy ABS plastic with ultra-matt finished acrylic top panels. The case locks feature a secure rotary mechanism and the double articulated hinge features stainless fixtures. 

Each module is designed to the Mechi Standard of 213mm x 87mm. The modules are made from tough heat resistant ABS plastic. The spines of the modules are fabricated from carbon fibre composite to ensure significant gripping force when locked.

Removing the paint brush holder reveals a removable tool that can be used to turn the locks used in many Mechi Modules.

The dimensions of the case are width 10" or 25.5cm, length 8 3/4" or 22cm and height with the handle in the raised position of 13" or 33cm. The weight when loaded with six Two Thin Coats paint modules, prior to loading paint or brushes, is 5.5lb or 2.5kg. 

If you would like to have personalised engraving on the top panel of your case, please add this item to your purchase: Personalised Engraving Service

Pre-Order Product: First run of production cases ETA to ship aprox. 60-90 days from Launch (31st May). 

Note: The DRPA Hobby Case does not come with paint, brushes or minis. The mention of third party trademarks is only for the purpose of referencing fitment.


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