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Mechi Pod 100 to fit Citadel Skirmish, Battle and Crusade Cases

Mechi Pod 100 to fit Citadel Skirmish, Battle and Crusade Cases

$69.00 AUD
Mechi pods can fit in place of the foam sections in Citadel Skirmish, Battle and Crusade Cases.

Mechi Pods contain six Mechi modules. 

Each module can be a MechiMax Troop Module or a Mechi Mesh panel for use with Mechi Singles or Open Mechi Clips for larger vehicles and creatures. 

This Mechi Pod is 100mm high. See the Mechi Pod 185mm Pods for larger minis.

If you have really tall minis, you can also use a 100mm pod, but only load out with three MechiMax Troop modules and put blanking plates on the opposite side. This makes use of the full height of the pod. Or alternatively use a 185 Pod to get the extra clearance.

The final internal maximum height available varies slightly depending on the module selected.   

One Mechi 100 Pod fits in a Citadel Skirmish Case.

One Mechi 185 Pod or two Mechi 100 Pods fit in a Citadel Battle Case.

Two Mechi 185 Pods or Four Mechi 100 pods fit in a Citadel Crusade Case.

For example, a Citadel Crusade case with four Mechi 100 Pods can carry up to 288 x 25mm minis.

It is possible to mix foam and pods in one Citadel Battle or Crusade case.

Note: This listing is for Mechi Pods only. No minis nor model vehicles nor Citadel Army cases are included. Minis shown are for illustration only. Citadel, Battle Case, Skirmish Case and Crusade Case are all trademarks of their respective owners and are only mentioned for the purpose of conveying information on sizing and compatibility.


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