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Open Mechi Set

Open Mechi Set

$27.50 AUD

Open Mechi is used for holding tanks, vehicles, models and minis with large base sizes or no base. Open Mechi Clips have soft bumpers to press up against your models/bases. We supply a range of different bumpers that can be swapped out to any clip. The clips have a travel-lock that progressively tightens as you turn it. The kit also comes with fixed rubber sided anchors for use on the opposite side to the clips. The goal is to trap the model or base between the anchors and one or more clips.

The set comes with: 

10 Open Mechi Clips

10 Low Bumpers

5 High Bumpers

10 Small Anchors

5 Large Anchors .... plus screws and spacers.

You can order Open Mechi with black or white clip bases and our standard accent colors. (red, orange, yellow, bright green, aqua, purple, dark blue and classic black).  


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