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Mechi Slider Case - 12 Module Standard Edition

Mechi Slider Case - 12 Module Standard Edition

$219.00 AUD

No gluing magnets or cutting foam. Just open the case, put your pieces in and go to war. 

Mechi Slider Cases feature a dual mechanism. The top panels come off to allow the modules to be swapped out to suit your minis. Then the rotary locks allow the case to hinge open for loading and unloading minis.

This case holds 12 Mechi Modules. Select your game and then select which modules you want with your case. Mechi Standard Edition Cases come with black Mechi Modules.
Some Mechi components, like Mechi Singles, Mechi Monster Singles and Open Mechi Clips screw to Mechi Mesh and can be purchased separately as components.

This case can be fitted with a Mechi Bottom Tray or a Mechi Lighting Panel. These can be purchased separately as components.

The case hinge features a removable tool for use on travel locks used in many Mechi Components.

The case is made from temperature resistant ABS plastic with anodized aluminum sides and metal fixings. The spines of the MechiMax modules are made from Carbon Fibre composite.
Some Assembly required.

Note that if you order multiple clear acrylic panels in adjacent modules, we will assume you want a window to view the minis in your case and will laser cut a single piece of acrylic to size. For example, if you order modules 1 and 2 as clear acrylic, we will supply a two module piece of clear acrylic.

For reference, the loadout of the case shown is:
Module 1 = Blanking Panel
Module 2 = Shelf Module
Module 3 = 32mm MechiMax Module
Module 4 = Monster Mechi Module 2 x 80mm
Module 5 = Blanking Panel
Module 6 = Blanking Panel
Module 7 = Clear Acrylic Panel
Module 8 = Clear Acrylic Panel
Module 9 = 40mm MechiMax Module
Module 10 = 40mm MechiMax Module
Module 11 = Clear Acrylic Panel
Module 12 = Clear Acrylic Panel

Optional components added to case as shown:
Mesh tray for use on the shelf module plus a 60mm Monster Mechi Single and a 40mm Mechi Single. A bottom mesh tray is added and fitted with a Monster Mechi Single 130mm Round and a 40mm Mechi Single. Note the case load out shown could have more MechiMax modules in module positions 1, 5 and 6 if the minis were not too tall.

Note that you are ordering a case as shown only. Colors shown may vary due to the anodizing processes used on the sides. No minis or vehicles are included. Optional components shown are not included and can be purchased separately. Trademarks of popular games are mentioned in this listing only for reference to fitment and sizing.


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