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Monster Mechi Module 2 x 80mm Round Bases

Monster Mechi Module 2 x 80mm Round Bases

$12.95 AUD

This Monster Mechi Module mounts two 80mm round based minis. It is designed to fit Games Workshop 80mm based minis. It takes up one standard module position in a Mechi Slider Case. Minis are secured by rotating swivel locks that only touch the sides of bevelled bases. This allows for minis to have enhanced bases without damage to the top surface of the enhanced base. 

This module can be used as the centre modules in a Mechi Pod, however it cannot be used up against the hinge or top plates in a Mechi Pod. That is, this module can only be used in module positions 2 and 5 in a Mechi Pod.

Note: This module will grab the base of minis extremely well, however it is the user's responsibility to ensure the minis are secured to their bases sufficient that they will not come loose during transport.  Minis shown are for illustration of fitment only and are not included. Reference of the Games Workshop name is only for the purpose of describing fitment.


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