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Mechi Monster Display Case 6-185

Mechi Monster Display Case 6-185

$89.00 AUD
Carrying, storing and displaying large minis is challenging. Fine details are easily broken off in foam. 

Magnets might work, but by the time you get large enough magnets to secure a large mini, the forces required to put the mini in and out of case can cause damage. Magnetic cases can also get heavy because they require steel shelves.

Mechi Monster Cases and Pods overcome these challenges by grabbing the mini by its' base.

Mechi Monster Display Cases have 6mm thick clear acrylic front and rear panels to allow for display and easy recognition of the mini being carried.

Mechi Monster Display Cases can have the Optional Programmable Neopixel Lighting Module to allow for enhanced shelf displays.

The optional lighting module has 20 neopixels and can be easily programmed to set colors, intensity and lighting patterns.

The lighting module is supplied with a USB-A power cable so you can use most USB wall chargers and portable USB power banks. Note that no wall adaptor or power bank is supplied.

The internal dimensions of the Mechi Monster Display Case are 240mm high x 205mm wide x 162mm deep. This is large enough to mount a 160mm diameter base plate. Note that the available internal height becomes 230mm if the lighting option is selected.

The case is made from ABS plastic with a PET mounting platform. The front and back panels of the display case are 6mm clear acrylic.

Three Open Mechi Clips and three anchor sets are supplied to allow minis to be easily mounted to the mounting platform.

Mechi Monster Display Case allows you to select the color of the top panels. This case accent allows you to tell cases/pods apart without having to open them. You can also choose the color for your Open Mechi Mounting Clips.

Available colors are Black, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Green, Purple and Yellow.

Cases are supplied fully assembled and ready to mount your minis. Minis shown are for display purposes and are not included. 


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