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Mechi Mesh Shelf with OpenMechi Clips

Mechi Mesh Shelf with OpenMechi Clips

$11.95 AUD

Adding a shelf to your case allows for storage of larger minis vertically in the case. Mechi Shelves can attach either directly to the hinge assembly of a Mechi Slider Case, or to a shelf module. Shelf modules allow multiple shelves to be tiered within the case. The main use is for taller minis, minis that would travel better upright or minis that you would like behind a display window in the case. 

The Mechi Mesh Shelf comes with two OpenMechi clips and anchors. You can also screw Mechi Singles and Monster Mechi Singles directly to the mesh. This allows for very fluid layouts on the shelf as it is extremely flexible.

For really large minis that have standardised bases, like Games Workshop's Archaon Everchosen, consider using a dedicated Mechi Shelf.

Shelves are supplied with screws and spacers.

Note that you can select a shelf module in some module positions when using our Slider case builder, however you have to purchase the shelf separately.


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