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Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Hobby Case Display Pack Add-on

Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Hobby Case Display Pack Add-on

$119.00 AUD

Turn your Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Hobby Case into a display case with programmable lighting. The lighting module simply replaces the rear top cover and can be installed in seconds. The Neopixel lighting array can be programmed to 32 different modes including a range of colours, intensities and dynamic lighting effects including white and coloured lightning. 

The set comes with a universal MechiMesh Shelf that attaches to the hinge panel of the case. This allows you to mount Mechi Singles, Monster Mechi Singles and OpenMechi Clips to secure the mini so it sits vertically upright in the case.

You can also choose one dedicated Monster Mechi Single or dedicated Monster Shelf, to suit the mini to be displayed, from the pulldown list. The advantage of a dedicated shelf is that it is faster to install and provides a little extra head room. The advantage of screwing a Monster Mechi Single to the supplied Mesh tray is that is allows for the addition of other minis around the main mini to form a more interesting display.

A 6mm clear acrylic panel slides in place of modules to create a display window into your case.

The lighting panel runs off 5 to 12 volts DC. A USB A power cable is supplied which connects to most rechargeable power banks and plug packs.

To program the lighting module, touch the supplied magnet to the TTT logo on the top of the lighting panel to cycle through the various options. The panel automatically remembers the last selection made.   

Note: This is an add on to the DRPA Hobby Case. The DRPA Hobby Case must be purchased separately and is shown only to demonstrate fitment of the add-on components. Minis and power supply are not included.


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