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Mechi Case fits Warhammer Bloodbowl - 8 Module

Mechi Case fits Warhammer Bloodbowl - 8 Module

$29.00 AUD
Almost all Warhammer Bloodbowl minis are on 32mm bases. There are a couple of exceptions, like Treeman that can come on a 40mm base and a couple of minis on 25mm bases, but the whole starter set and most of the other teams are on 32mm bases. Mechi-MAX 32mm modules take ten 32mm minis each, so to work out what a case will carry,  multiple the number of modules by ten. That is, the 6 module case holds 60 x 32mm minis, the 8 module case holds 80 x 32mm minis and the 10 module case holds 100 x 32mm minis. You can personalise the colour of the top panels and the accent colour of the Mechi-MAX modules. You also have the option to add up to six characters to the top panel to make the cases more secure and easier to recognise.


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