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Mechi Bridge Handle

Mechi Bridge Handle

$20.00 USD
We created the Mechi Bridge handle because we found that although it was great to break up our armies into various cases, so we could dynamically carry whatever force we wanted on the day, it was challenging to carry multiple cases from the car to the tabletop. So the Mechi handle was born of necessity. Then people started noticing how we easily one person transported six cases with ease. So our designer polished up the design and this is the result. It quickly hooks under the handle of any standard width Mechi case. It works best with three cases that have the same number of modules, but we regularly carry cases of different heights to get from the car to the table. It comes partially disassembled to make it shipping friendly. You will need five minutes and screw driver. The bridge handle is rated to 2.5kg/5.5lbs per case.


Tough ABS

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