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Mechi™ Case Suitable for Necromunda

Mechi™ Case Suitable for Necromunda

$29.00 AUD

Build your Mechi™ Case perfect for Necromunda here!

This case is 185mm deep (allowing for 92.5mm height for Minis on each side of the case). 

This Case is Available in 6, 8 & 10 Module Case Frame Sizes. 

For a single Model that happens to be on a non-uniform base size, we recommend using Mechi™ Mesh Panels and then purchase the appropriate Mechi™ Single to hold these outliers - otherwise use MechiMAX™. 

For Vehicles, Oval Bases & Base Sizes Larger than 50mm - we recommend using OpenMechi™ Clips + Anchors, and affix to MechiMesh™ Modules. 

Necromunda Base Sizes:

25mm: Escher Gang, Cawdor Gang, Cawdor Redemptionists, Delaque Gang, Ash Waste Nomads War Party, Van Saar Gang, Orlock Gang, Escher Death-maidens and Wyld Runners, Kal Jericho and Scabs, Hive Scum, Palanite Enforcer Patrol, Corpse Grinder Cutters

28.5mm: Ironhead Squat Prospectors Gang

32mm: Goliath Gang, Neoteks, Palanite Subjugator Patrol, Corpse Grinder Skinners

40mm: Goliath Stimmers, Enforcer 'Sanctioner' Pattern Automata, Luther Pattern Excavation Automata "Ambot", Delaque Piscean Spektor, 'Jotunn' H-Grade Industrial Servitor Ogryns

OpenMechi Clips + Anchors: Cawdor Ridge Walkers (Oval Bases), Nomads Dustback Helamites, Orlock Outrider Quads. Anything else with unusual Base Size (Oval) or over 50mm as well as Vehicles - use OpenMechi™. 

*** Note that you are ordering a case as shown only. No minis or vehicles are included. Warhammer and 40K are trademarks of Games Workshop and are mentioned in this listing only for reference to fitment and sizing. ***


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