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Mechi™ Case Suitable For Bolt Action + Konflict '47

Mechi™ Case Suitable For Bolt Action + Konflict '47

$33.00 AUD

Build your Mechi™ Case for Bolt Action & Konflict '47 Here!

This case is 185mm Deep (92.5mm Height for Minis on each side of Case).

Mechi™ Cases can be configured for 6, 8 & 10 Module Case Sizes. 

Bolt Action Base Sizes:
25mm Base: Standard for Infantry in both Bolt Action & Konflict '47
40mm Base: Often used for 2 man weapons teams. 
OpenMechi™ Clips + Anchors with MechiMesh Panels: Use to hold models like 3 Man Weapons Teams which are often mounted on 60mm Bases as well as Vehicles and Siege Weaponry. 


Tough ABS

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