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Conquest licensed Special Edition Case - Argument of Kings

Conquest licensed Special Edition Case - Argument of Kings

$99.00 USD

The Conquest licensed special edition case was developed in conjunction with the team at Para Bellum Games. The case uses special lockable movement trays that are almost identical to the standard movement trays, except that they twist to lock and unlock the minis. The lockable movement trays then lock into bays in the case. The case features a sword that unclips from the top of the case to become the bay lock/unlock tool. This makes it easy to get to bay locks as the case fills up. The lockable trays make normal game play easier as the minis won't fall out of the trays if the table gets bumped. They also make moving your army between tables much easier. The front of the case features a user selected faction badge. There are three sizes of case with 18, 24 and 30 movement trays per case. Lockable movement trays come in 4 x 27mm and 1 x 54mm. The case is designed to lay completely flat when open to make it easy to load and unload the movement trays.

Note that the case comes complete with lockable movement trays and your choice of faction badge, but minis are not supplied.


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